Gallery Talk with Annika Kafcaloudis

Tell us about your background and what inspired you to become an artist?

I never set out to become an artist but I do like to create images that I felt I hadn't seen before, and I'm interested in looking at the detail of objects, people, places, and processes. 

What drew you to photography?

I love the instantaneous result I can get and like that, for my process, it's only half created in camera, and then the rest is created on the computer, and in my editing process. I enjoy seeing a transformation from the everyday light to something more interesting. I also really like archiving a time and place. 

Recurring themes in your work are objects, light, color, movement, touch, materials, to name a few. Can you share more about your process?  

I work a lot with artists, crafts people, trades, the industry, and I'm really just shooting their workflows and viewing a small portion of a process through a vignette. I love pops of primary colors, and shafts of light, or areas of intense dark - and usually I create these outside the studio and in industrial settings. 

What is the common thread in your work? 

Industry. I photograph workers and work. Makers and making.

How would you describe your work? 

Dark? I think my work abstracts the situation and breaks it down into layers. I love central compositions, I'm quite minimal in my approach. 

Did the pandemic influence your work? 

To be honest the pandemic hasn't really influenced me that I can see so far, I work in a similar manner as I did before it, I'm just more grateful when life is happening.