Art Selection + Installation 

Selecting a work of art is highly personal and can be an expression of interests, experiences, and emotions. Here are a few things to consider before making a choice.

What is the difference between the White Border and No Border option?

The White Border option makes it easier to place a print behind a mat and includes a 1/4 in. white border that evenly surrounds the parameter of the print. In the No Border option the printed image extends all the way to the edges of the paper making it suitable to be framed without a mat. Each print is made-to-order and will be shipped unmatted and unframed. If you need help selecting a fitting frame or to ask us for a quote, contact us at info@artathome.com.    

What type of paper is used for my print?

To deliver the highest quality print, our local printers use only museum-quality acid-free fine art paper. The preferred paper of choice for an artist is based on which type of fine art paper will bring out the best qualities in their work. An artist's consideration for the right paper type may include weight, thickness, brightness, whiteness, tone, and opacity, among other paper qualities. 

How to determine the right size artwork and placement for your room?

Be bold and don’t hesitate to display your artwork prominently so it becomes a real eye-catcher. For artwork to appear integrated, it generally takes up two-thirds or three-fourths of a wall. 

The same proportions apply to wall space above or around furniture. For example, if your couch is 84 inches wide, select an artwork (or multiple artworks grouped together) of approximately 56 inches in width (two-thirds of 84). Hang the artwork 4-12 inches above a piece of furniture with the middle of the frame height at eye level. 

A combination of multiple pieces can make a real statement; they can be either equally sized and spaced in a row, or of different sizes presented as a salon wall. It’s fun to experiment with this, but most larger pieces look best 2-4 inches apart while 1-2 inches of separation may work better for smaller works. When creating a salon wall, hang the first piece (perhaps the largest piece or otherwise one with the strongest theme or color) at eye level and install the other artwork around it.

Where do I hang my new art?

Unless the art is purchased first and the room designed around it, the size of a room or workspace usually dictates the size of the wall art. Depending on where the furniture is placed, eye height is generally the best indicator of where wall art should be placed.  

What sizes and framing options are available?

ART AT HOME’s collection is available in an assortment of sizes. Contact us at info@artathome.com if you need help selecting a fitting frame or to ask us for a quote. Choosing the most suitable frame is important as it can either complement or highlight the art. To not distract from the art, keep the frame simple, and use a non-reflective glass or surface. 

How do I install my new art?

For prints framed by ART AT HOME’s framing partners, each shipment will include basic hardware and detailed installation instructions on how to install the art. However, there are exceptions where the wall material requires different hardware. If that is the case, let us know how we can help by contacting us at info@artathome.com.   

How do I clean my art?

Wood-framed and aluminum mounted prints can be lightly dusted with a smooth, clean, and slightly moist microfiber cloth. A scratch will permanently mar the surface and cannot be corrected. If more than water is required, aluminum mounted prints can be cleaned with Brillianize, again with a soft and clean cloth. To prevent moisture from getting inside a wood frame, do not spray water, glass cleaner, or any other cleaning agent directly on the picture.

Is there someone who can help me directly?

Looking for a custom size or need help making a selection? We offer residential and corporate consulting services to assist you with the selection and installation of art for your home or workspace. Contact us at info@artathome.com for a consultation.

What happens if my artwork arrives damaged?

All artwork is double packaged before shipment to help ensure it arrives safely to your home. If there is damage to the package upon arrival, please document the damage by taking pictures before opening the artwork. If the artwork inside the package is damaged, please contact us right away at info@artathome.com.

How should I unwrap my package?

Be gentle when opening the package. Do not use sharp scissors or (utility) knives to open your package. Damage to the surface of your artwork will be irreparable.

Can I cancel an order before it's been printed?

If you would like to cancel an order, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order at info@artathome.com

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

Each print will include a Certificate of Authenticity individually signed and numbered by the artist. It certifies that your artwork is authentic and includes title, artist name, size, medium, edition number, artist’s signature, and the date.