Gallery Talk with Daniel Forero

Tell us more about your background and what inspired you to become an artist and photographer.

I studied graphic design and worked as a designer and art director for a number of years when I decided to use my conceptual skills in other ways so I could create more unique and personal work, and spend less time on a computer. I discovered my interest in photography more or less by accident. I was saving images of some experimental work I was doing when suddenly I saw the potential of photography as a way to “illustrate” my ideas. 

How would you describe your work?

Conceptual and minimalist.

In your work you use delicately balanced objects of various shapes, sizes, and colors. What inspired these images and is there a common theme tying it all together?

My compositions are mostly influenced by my design background.

Can you share more about the specific process involved to create your work?

I usually come up with an idea first, create a little drawing, and start from there. Then I look around for the right objects to create my sets. The final result is often different from the initial sketch as things may change during the process.

Has the recent pandemic lockdown influenced your work?

The pandemic lockdown forced me to improvise a studio in my Paris apartment where I learned to work in a reduced space with less equipment. Overall it was a good influence on my work as I can now manage the same amount of work with much less equipment and effort. It helps me save time that I can now dedicate to creative part of my work